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Some go to bed when the others wake up, the first ones rarely venture out of the cities and the others remain in their mountains. And yet the musicians and the mountaineers will meet again this summer…
When climbing a pass or a glacier, if you happen to meet some funny mountaineers with strange back packs, singing russian, sicilian or brasilian songs, turn around and follow them. When the night comes they will stop at the refuge and gather under the light or around the stove and will play for you their heart stopping music.

The idea is quite simple : the musicians walk with their instruments and go on tour around the refuges; each night they will be welcomed by the refuges where they will perform.

The summer 2016 itinerary is available here. 35 concets from July 21st until August 25th in the Dévoluy, Büech, Gapençais-Ubaye, Mercantour, Tessin and Oberland ranges. We will see you up there this summer. Posters
The third edition was a complete success. 700km for a whole team of musicians, sound engineers and photographers, 35 000 m of elevation, 37 days of walk through the Alps and as many concerts in vary differents venues [pictures].
All the summits and passes were achieved with all the equipment and instruments.
The third album ,recorded live, is now available here, we are still editing the videos so that all thos who couldn't make it can enjoy the adventure.
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