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The "Tournée des Refuges" needs your help

We just launched a crowdfunding campaign to start equipping ourselves with recording equipment.
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Some go to bed when the others wake up, the first ones rarely venture out of the cities and the others remain in their mountains. And yet the musicians and the mountaineers will meet again this summer…
When climbing a pass or a glacier, if you happen to meet some funny mountaineers with strange back packs, singing russian, sicilian or brasilian songs, turn around and follow them. When the night comes they will stop at the refuge and gather under the light or around the stove and will play for you their heart stopping music.

The idea is quite simple : the musicians walk with their instruments and go on tour around the refuges; each night they will be welcomed by the refuges where they will perform. See pictures. See video

6 editions since 2013

219 concerts and as much of walking days at the hearth of the French, Spanish, Swiss and Italian Mountains. 4,500km and 180,000m of elevation gain, traveled with instruments and all material by a team of international musicians, sound engineers, and photographers. 6 albums have been released and the adventure keeps growing steadily…6 recorded albums, the adventure is growing steadily...

For the 7th edition the Tournée des Refuges leaves to adventure in a different kind of environment walking over the Negev desert in Israel. Starting on January 25th, 2019. Map Poster,

8th edition summer 2019: a short course in the Mercantour (2nd half of July), followed by a tour of Reunion Island (August)!

Next time up there!

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